www.redpalabras.com es un magazine fundado en Austin, Texas. (USA) en 2014 por el periodista Carlos H. Lozano. www.carloshlozano.com


www.redpalabras.com is a magazine founded in Austin, Texas. (USA) in 2014 by journalist Carlos H. Lozano.

Biography of Carlos H. Lozano:

Journalist and press photographer experienced in print media. He worked in Colombia at EL TIEMPO, EL ESPECTADOR. In Ecuador on the EXPRESO. In the United States at EL NUEVO DIA, from Puerto Rico, (Orlando FL). He was a freelance contributing journalist in West Texas and Austin, Texas for Hispanic weekly newspapers.

In 2015 he made the transition to online platforms and founded the blog-magazine www.redpalabras.com & www.carloshlozano.com where he publishes articles in all journalistic genres such as the interview, special reports and news. In this blog he promotes his work as a freelance journalist and photographer. In the area of advertising and marketing, he produces infomercials and production of digital content for social networks, focused on promoting small business.

In the field of photography, he is experienced in photo editing and has exhibited, (2012), his work in Austin, Texas at the Mexican American Cultural Center, (main gallery). https://carloshlozano.com/

In the United States, he received eight JOSE MARTI Awards for his work, through the National Association of Hispanic Publications (NAHP). Five Gold Awards, in photographic community and special report, respectively. Two silver prizes, (in photography and another special report) and a bronze prize in cultural photography.

Carlos H. has received several recognitions in Colombia for his work as a photographer. In 1994 in the city of Cali it is granted to him, through Prize Bonilla Aragon, a special mention in photography and the following year a mention of honor by his photographic work. The Colombian organization of the National Prize of Simon Bolivar Journalism nominated him to Bolivar as best photography during the years 1995 and 1996.

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